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Some Girls Flashing In This Mardi Gras New Orleans Home Video
Sixty Five minutes of wandering Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras in search of girls flashing or having meaningful discussions about nuclear physics. OK, I lied about the nuclear Physics part. Bead offerings will sometimes let a person see 2 seconds of tit!

Tags: Party Girl
Gent Magazine Photos Shot At The June 1993 Show
This is the coverage I shot for Gent Magazine. Know as the Home of the D-Cups you will not see any cute little A and B cup girls in this update. What you will see is lots of nice boobies. Some are real and some are bolt on. They all look good attached to very pretty girls. Way back when; Ron Jeremy would dress the part of a show Master of Ceremonies and was resplendent in at tuxedo. Now he shows up in a black T-shirt and sweatpants. But Ronnie is Ronnie and the mouth is the same. The hostess was Nina Harley. She is a legend in the porn business. She started shooting in San Francisco in the 1980's and she is still occasionally shooting, As of this date she is 56 years old. She is still cool as hell. I see her every year at the Adult Video Show in Las Vegas.

Tags: nudes a poppin
August 1994 Nudes A Poppin Photos By James Hamilton
Some shows are just plain better than others and August 1994 was one of the best shows in the 90's. I am going to guide you through some of the highlights . The day stayed beautiful all day and that makes the contest that much better. I'll guide you through the whose who of contestants. At least the ones I can remember. First page first two shots are Amanda Addams and Adara Michaels. Amanda was sporting a new boob job and who doesn't love a great set of tits. You will see more of both the girls throughout the update. Contestant #7 is Tawny Peaks. She had the biggest boobs in the park hands down or maybe tits up. On page five top row you see #71 Cindy Six and Adara Michaels. Check out the tight body on Cindy. There is two more pages of her doing a feature show. Starting on page 7 Samantha is #87. Page 8 is devoted to Adara Michaels. Amanda Addams show is sprinkled through pages 11 & 12. Starting on page 12 and continuing on through page 14 are identical twins. My memory says that they had appeared in Playboy just prior to coming to NAP. Maybe some one will remember and tell us. Page 15 starts with Adara Michaels doing her signature show. The music is "You can leave your hat on" and Adara does while taking off everything else. It is a great show and she wowed the crowd with it. Big boobed Maxine Monroe is on page 18 & 19. I met her at NAP and she did a lot of magazine shoots with me. Trophy time has Samantha winning Nude Entertainer of the Year and Cindy Six winning Miss Nude North America.

Tags: nudes a poppin
Photos With Some Of The Feature Girls From The July 1991 Show
This is another set of photos shot on Saturday before the contest. The early bird girls were always willing to do a few shots for the professional photographers in attendance. The only girl I can remember in this group is the Hispanic girl with the big tits. Her dancer name was Cindy, which is a very strange pseudonym for a Mexican girl; but with boobs like she had... WHO CARES! She was from El Paso, Texas and the lady that owned the club she danced at flew Cindy and herself up to participate in the contest. I believe that Cindy won one of the major trophies. I wanted to shoot several magazine layouts on Cindy and I convinced the club owner to come back for the August contest. The two of them flew back up and competed on Sunday and then spent Monday and Tuesday with me shooting magazine layouts and covers for several big boob magazines. I had one shot at her and I made the best of it.

August 1993 Festival Photos Shot By James Hamilton
This is the coverage I sent to SCORE Magazine. How can you tell? Well (1.) it contains photos of all the big boob girls (2.) it has photos of the Best Big Breast contest that SCORE Magazine sponsored and (3.) it has photos of Amber Rose (#11) the girl that won the contest sprinkled throughout the update. She was so pretty and her body was just awesome. So, if you like girls with big breasts I suggest you spend ample time perusing this update. Along the way you will see more photos of Amber Rose. On the first page third row there are photos of Amanda Addams before she got her boob job and went on to become a porn star. Amanda and an equally busty girlfriend came back and competed in 1994. The weather for August 1993 was overcast and rainy. It sprinkled off and on all day. I don't think the sun ever came out and at times (check the photos) it looked like a tornado was about to happen. Fortunately, it never did. The show was occasionally interrupted for the rain but it did not rain out and the damp contestants got their wet trophies at the end of the day.

James Hamiltons Photos From August 1992 Nap Score Magazines Best Breasts Contest
Teri Weigel was the guest hostess and the only way to describe Teri at NAP was to say her persona was larger than the show.. She spent a lot of time at the fence line talking with the audience and posing for photos with them. Teri also did a feature show and wowed the crowd with her on stage antics as well. Teri was a crow favorite and she hosted several shows in the 90's. For several years SCORE Magazine would sponsor a contest for the best big breasts. I would pick three contenders and then the girls would parade on stage in their SCORE shirts, do a little dance for the judges and then pass our free copies of SCORE Magazine to the audience. Naked girls passing out free stuff get a lot of attention. The three semi finalists were #91 Billie; #84 Jackie and #97 Deserie Blaze. More on her in a minute The girls danced for the judges and at trophy time#91 Billie won the trophy and the check that went with it. Now back to Deserie Blaze. I have photographed 44 consecutive shows from 1988 to 2014. I have seen every kind of feature show that a dancer could dream up. Some are ho hum buy the costume and do the race cars show and some are totally unique. Deserie wins the prize for the most unique show ever. Go to page 25 and look at the photos on row three. Yep! she was a sword swallower! Guess who won Entertainer of the year? If you go to the update for the July 1992 show you will see photos of a very pretty blonde wearing a white cowboy hat. She would have won the Miss Nude Galaxy 6 foot trophy but her bad attitude on stage cost her the win. Well she learned from her mistake and she came back in August with a new attitude and took home the trophy and check.

More Photos From August 1991 Nap Shot By James Hamilton
Back in the early 1990's there were no Saturday events scheduled. However, there were contestants already in the Ponderosa. These girls were eager for attention and I would always talk to them about doing a private shoot. Most were interested and what you have here are photo shoots shot on Saturday. Most of them found their way to print in a magazine. I created a little bedroom set in somebody's residence at the Ponderosa so we could shoot there and outside. Here is what I can remember about the girls. First up is Alisha. She came all the way from Queens New York to compete. We shot two quickie shoots. One on a wooden bridge that was next to someone's residence and the second bedroom shoot in a trailer. Planning ahead I brought wardrobe with me because I knew the girls would show up with nothing. Somewhere in storage I have the blue top and the white negligee Angle is wearing. She looks pretty good in it too. She was a little hottie The second girl is either Angel Starr. On Sunday Angel won the 6 foot trophy in the beauty contest. The blonde in the pink bikini is Honey Mellons who was a dancer from Florida. She was your basic hot bodied MILF. She was a bottle blonde with bleached blonde pubes. Collars and cuffs that match. Next up is Lisa Marie. The girl with the mullet hair do. I believe this was the first year she competed at NAP. What a tight body on this little girl. She was a house girl at Deja Vu however, she competed in the feature dancer category and won the top prize. In fact she kept coming back each show and she won the top feature prize so many times and she beat out established touring feature dancers! The redhead is Talitha O'Shea. She wanted to shoot and I accommodated her for a quick couple of shoots. Probably a roll of film for each setup. When we finished the shoot I said goodbye and that I would see her tomorrow for the contest. Guess what? She never came back to the Ponderosa on Sunday. Oh well.

Sunday 2015 High Quality Photos Shot By Vman

Tags: back, Big Butts, Big Tits, black dick
July 1992 Photos From The Nudes A Poppin Show
Over the years of NAP gentlemen's clubs have participated in the contest. In the early 1990's one of those clubs was Brad's Gold Club in Indianapolis, IN. The Gold Club was an upscale establishment and Brad hand picked the best and most beautiful girls to bring to Nudes-a-Poppin' . Here is a short list of Brad's girls. Number 26 Billie; #27 Crystal Jett; #28 Brook; #29 Cindy Kay Denton; #30Cameo; #31 Tara; #32 Lisa; #33 Leslie; #34 Starr; #35 Hanna; #36 Darcy. There have been clubs that brought more girls to NAP; but never a lineup of 11 spectacular dancers. If you need more proof check out the top 10 in the beauty contest. Seven of the ten were dancers from Brad's Gold Club. I know there has never been a club that dominated the awards like the Gold Club did. Here is the top 10 1st #27 Crystal Jett 2nd #29 Cindy Kay Denton 3rd #26 Billie 4th #33 Leslie 5th #28 Brook 6th # #21 Lissa 7th #35 Hanna 8th #30 Cameo 9th #13 Simba 10th # 22 Naomi And, while we are on the subject of winners...... Guess who won the Entertainer of the Year honors. Yup Lissa the Deja Vu house girl beat all the features again. And this would not be he last win either! There was a girl that could have won the beauty contest but her snooty attitude killed it. That was number 28 Brook. I have written about it in another update on July 1992 so check out the story there.

August 1999 Nudes A Poppin Throwback
By the late 1990's NAP was a must do for any feature dancer who wanted the best exposure (no pun intended) to a national audience. Ken from Continental Agency was bringing a dozen or more of the best feature dancers he booked to NAP. Titles and name recognition was the goal of all the dancers. There were photographers covering the event for at least a dozen men's magazine publishing companies. Personally I was representing at least 6 magazines. The Sunday audience was easily 5,000 people. The place was packed 20 rows deep in front of the stage. NAP was on the national radar and it was rockin' big time. And, if you are going to rock the house how about having Kid Rock as show host. And, the only hostess that could keep up with Kid Rock was Teri Weigel and she was there too! There were 95 registered contestants for the Sunday show. There were at least 23 feature dancers competing. I am going to try to identify all the feature dancers by number and name.#2 Lexi Lamour; #3 Felicia Foxx; #:5 Kristy Karrington; #6 Lacey Logan; #8 Logan Russell; #23June Summers; #24 Amber Star; #25 Dariel McCoy; #26 Amber Alexander; #28 Destiny Delight;; #29 Rashell Ryan; #32 Anita Mann; #33 Crystal Heart; #53 Jessica Justice; #52 Summer Leigh#67 Tasha Blades; #70 Zoey Chandler; #71 Bridgett Fox; #77 Erica Everest; #89 Rachel Steel; and #94 Darien Vain. I may have missed a couple more. Pay special attention to the girl #91. Page 14 third row three photos on the right and two more below. Her name is Julie Ann Gerhard and she was a good friend of mine. She was a fitness model. Google her name for thousands of fitness images. I encouraged her to come and compete in the event. She also wanted to meet my best friend Summer Leigh. She showed up on Sunday and registered for Miss Nude North America which is the beauty pageant . Julie Ann had competed in dozens of fitness competitions but, she had never been nude in front of an audience before. To say that she was nervous was putting it mildly. I got Summer to talk to her and all seemed to be OK. Julie Ann did the beauty walk. Then I didn't see her again all afternoon. Trophy time and they award 10 places for the Miss Nude North America title. They count the winners down from 10th place to 1stt. The countdown continued and they announced the first runner up #26. While she got on stage to get her trophy I looked over at one of the owners of the Ponderosa and told her.... "Your winner isn't here". She gave me one of those how do you know looks. Ron Jeremy announced "and the winner is......#91 Julie Ann". They announced it several more times. It was clear that Julie Ann wasn't there. So, they moved every finalist up one position; and that is how #26 Amber Alexander became Miss Nude North America 1999. When I got home Sunday night I sent an email to Julie Ann telling her that; if she had stuck around she would have been the new Miss Nude North America.

Saturday 2015 High Quality Photos Shot By Vman

August 1997 Festival Photos From Nudes A Poppin
Naughty Neighbors Magazine sponsored a contest for the Naughtiest Neighbor girl competing at NAP. Three contestants were selected from the group. They were selected based upon being real girls. No breast augmentation was a must to be considered. These were the little cuties that you always wondered what they looked like naked when you saw them in public. The semi finalists were introduced and took part in a sexy banana eating exhibition. The judges picked the winner based upon appearance and attitude. The winner would also get a paid magazine shoot. The photos from Angels magazine shoot are part of the update. The winner was Angel who was not a dancer at all. She was a local Indiana girl who showed up to participate in Nudes-a-Poppn'. I guess she liked competing because she continued to come back and compete for a least a dozen more years. She went from just a cute girl to a competitor putting on shows for the crowd. She won a number of trophies over the years as well. Angle was 18 years old when she won the competition. I always thought that she was the ultimate nerd who probably got straight A's in high school and dressed down to cover the amazing body she had. She had the most perfect torpedo tits I have ever seen. She had a body very much like Tracy Lords. What you have here is the competition, the award of the trophy and the actual magazine layout that appeared in Naughty Neighbors magazine August 1997 was also the year that Al Lewis, Grandpa Munster was the celebrity guest and there are some photos of Angel with Al.

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