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I need some help working on my sites... specifically, I need some 1-3 people, that can help me crop photos and type descriptions for all of my videos on all of my sites! I'm always behind on these tasks, and its time to hire some help Job requirements -native english speaker with knowledge of american slang -can work 1-4 hours per week minimum -has paypal so I can easily pay Amount of pay is negotiable Please email me at necoeds@gmail.com if you're interested!

Big News Today and Tomorrow
Big News Today and Tomorrow Starting today, my sites are now in the cloud, and will be VERY VERY VERY fast for you to download videos! And Tomorrow, I have even bigger news! I can't tell you now what exactly, but here's a hint. My sites are now partnered with some other really big and popular sites, and we will all now be sharing members access. So, your logins will begin to work on 5 other REALLY great sites! Enjoy this upgrade!

Today I would like to announce the fact that I have completely rebuilt the entire server cluster hosting the site! Everything should be running faster than ever for you! Hope you enjoy the new speed of the site! (it has taken me and my techs about a month to work through all the kinks, sorry to those of you that have had to experience some of these kinks personally!)

I just officially launched and enabled this feature for all members! Your password now works on all 4 of my sites, so you pay for 1 membership, but get access to 4 sites! Enjoy! Site list: Nebraskacoeds.com Springbreaklife.com Southbeachcoeds.com Afterhoursexposed.com (still working on revamping this)