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August 1996 Nap Festival Photos
You'd better keep an eye open for the August 1996 contest as it was a great event. There were lots of feature dancers competing along with almost 100 beautiful girls of all sizes, shapes and colors. That is one of the great things about NAP.... there is something for everybody. It was a great year for red heads. Amanda Addams came back sporting a new more curvaceous body. Linda Sides was also there with long red hair down to her butt. Carly Sparks was another great red head. Like your girls tall. Check out Liberty Leggs.....all 6' 3" of her without the heels! Now that is a girl you have to look up to. Adara Michaels co hosted the show with Ron Jeremy. She also found time to wow the crowd with her signature "Leave Your Hat On" show. The porn star hostess was Nina Hartly. When it was all over Naomi Knight took home the 6 foot trophy for Miss Nude North America.

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