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Cojones And Vman Ultra Clear Coverage Of Sunday Nap 2014 2 Of 3
These photos will give you some sense to the non-stop atmosphere of Sunday at Nudes-a-Poppin'. Because of the large number of contestants the girls and guys only get a limited amount of time on the main stage. Most of their time is spent hanging around inside the fence talking with other contestants. This is prime time to get a girl and shoot a whole bunch of photos of her or to shoot a lot of candid shots of the girls and guys. This group of photos is mostly behind the scenes and candid shots of the contestants. Like #27 Hunter; #10 Raven Knox: #49 the Puerto Rican Princess: #16 J. C. Nicole #2 Pure Rebel; #14 Mandy Candy; #25 Stacia; #40 Justice; #2 Vexvior; #21 Naomi Knight; #45 Ashlyn Marie; #Tabu and a bevy of other girls. On stage you have #44 Kimberly Johnson and #4 Karissa performing. The video is the same content with lots of clips of the girls and the goings on all over the contest area. Enjoy!

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